Jul 29, 2022

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: July Round-up

I love the variety of subjects in this month's round-up. I've been deeply enjoying my summer podcast listening. Episode titles link to the shows: 

Twenty Thousand Hertz 
July 13, 2022 

Here’s a fascinating history of Dun dun duuun! a familiar musical sting from film and television. It was once used for dramatic effect; now it is primarily used in comedy.


Fade Out 
June 30, 2022 

Joan Harrison was a great producer and writer of thrillers, essential to the development of Hitchcock’s style, and one of only three women producing in Hollywood in the 40s-50s. Her biographer Christina Lane (a favorite guest on my own podcast) has a lot to say about that in this wide-ranging talk. I am manifesting her amazing book being option for a miniseries.

Forgotten Hollywood 
June 27, 2022 

Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia Ward Kelly is an amazing custodian of his legacy, which is funny, because she didn’t even know who he was when they met. She has used her journalist instincts to continually strive to share the truth about her husband and his work. Here she tells great stories about Kelly’s life and shares how she is keeping his memory alive throughout the world.

Ticklish Business 
June 29, 2022 
This is a great talk about Marilyn Monroe with Holly Madison. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the actress and had a lot of fascinating insight to offer. I love how she gets that Monroe was smart and ambitious as opposed to the prevailing view of her as a primarily tragic figure.

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