Oct 26, 2022

Watching Classic Movies Podcast--Talking Queen of Technicolor: Maria Montez in Hollywood with Author Tom Zimmerman

My guest, Tom Zimmerman is the author of The Queen of Technicolor: Maria Montez in Hollywood

Montez was a unique star, imperious, but warm, not known for her acting ability, but skilled in committing completely to a role, whether in a skimpy costume for the six legendary Neverland films she made for Universal, or in a grittier setting, such as for her more noirish European roles. 

We talked about the magnetism, determination, and integrity of this remarkable woman. 

The Queen of Technicolor: Maria Montez in Hollywood by Tom Zimmerman, is a publication of University Press of Kentucky. There are links to several places where you can purchase the book on their website.

Films discussed: 

Boss of Bullion City (1940) (Maria’s first role) South of Tahiti (1941) (Maria’s breakout sarong role) 

The Universal Studios Neverland Films (not discussed individually): 
Arabian Nights (1942) 
White Savage (1943) 
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944) 
Cobra Woman (1944) 
G*psy Wildcat (1944) 
Sudan (1945) 

Tangier (1946) 
Pirates of Monterey (1947) 
Wicked City (1949) 
Portrait of a Killer (1949)

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