Mar 1, 2023

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: February Round-up

These are interesting, evolving times for film fans. That was reflected in my podcast listening this month. Episode titles link to the show: 

Cinema Junkie 
February 24, 2023 

While I wasn’t surprised to see TCM Underground cancelled after its programmer Millie de Chirico was laid off in December 2022, it was still sad to realize there would be no more exciting discoveries to be found from this fascinating program. I felt a bit better after listening to this conversation with de Chirico. Not only is she still out there ready to share more films, she has co-written a great book about cult movies that will endure.
The Video Essay Podcast 
February 16, 2023 

I love how honest this YouTuber is about the ups and downs of making a living creating video essays. It’s interesting how he’s balanced his work between popular topics and more soul stirring projects.
Maltin on Movies 
February 24, 2023 

Jamie Lee Curtis has a lot of interesting insights to share about her famous parents Tony Curtis and Janet Lee in this open-hearted conversation. It’s a bit amusing how she still doesn’t seem to understand the full array of ways that being a nepo baby has helped her career. I think she means well and truly isn’t able to get it from her perspective. Still, it was funny how she insisted she’d never used her parent’s connections only to share several minutes later that she did just that to get a literary agent.
Pop Culture Happy Hour 
February 15, 2023 

There’s a great appreciation for all kinds of movies here, from strictly thrills to arthouse, and acknowledgement that the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I also loved the tips about how to watch movies, the most valuable information for me being how to stay awake for the full running time after a long day.

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