Mar 29, 2023

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: March Round-Up

It was an especially illuminating month of podcast listening. Lots of great variety. All episode titles link to the show: 

Teenage Golden Age 
March 8, 2023 

I love this teen-hosted classic film podcast. Elsie is a natural at hosting. She shares some fascinating insights about Hepburn and her place in a male-dominated industry. The show brough back great memories of discovering classics as a teen myself, though I wasn’t half as good at analyzing what I saw.

The Movies That Made Me 
March 3, 2023 

This is a repost of a classic episode of the podcast. Anders knows so much about movies. She tells some great stories here about some of the best filmmakers to step behind a camera. Content Warning: extensive discussion about SA in the first 24:00.

Pure Cinema Podcast 
March 6, 2023 

Elric and Brian never fail to dramatically expand my to watch list with each episode. I had never even heard of several of their picks in this video store-themed show. The discussion really did evoke the feeling of walking the aisles, checking out the art on this rows of VHS boxes.

The Treatment 
March 18, 2023 

The segment with Farran Nehme aka Self-Styled Siren begins at 29:00, she talks about her writing, including a piece she did about John Wayne, Sacheen Littlefeather, and a notorious moment at the Academy Awards 50 years ago. She does a good job unpacking the incident and how, as always, she carefully researched what happened to ensure she had the facts.

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