Apr 28, 2023

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: April Round-up

I enjoyed some new-to-me podcasts this month. Loved the variety of podcasting styles here. Episode titles link to the shows: 

Front Row Classics 
April 20,2023 

This is a great recap of the TCM Classic Film Festival, told from the viewpoint of a member of the media. I recognized a lot of my own experiences as a blogger here from behind-the-scenes fun to sitting in a theater audience.
Forgotten Hollywood 
March 29, 2023 

In support of his new book marking the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros., Mark Vieira discusses some of the stand out elements of this studio that’s always been of the people. Vieira notes that unlike the other major studios Warners was always a little ahead of the times with subject matter and willing to take risks.
Discovering DINAH! 
November 1, 2021 

Listen to this one from the beginning. Dinah Shore was a huge talent and hasn’t gotten near the credit she deserves for her cultural impact as singer, actress, and talk show host. This is a great start, with a good history of Shore and plenty of clips of her speaking and singing.
Movie Nights and Matinees 
March 5, 2023 

 A great conversation with Bob Furmanek and Greg Kintz of the 3-D Film Archive. This is the first time a discussion of the technical elements of 3-D hasn’t left me glassy-eyed. Also beyond excited to see the re-release of Robot Monster (1953).

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