Apr 26, 2023

Watching Classic Movies Podcast: Classic Film Travel Destinations, The Barrymore Film Center with Executive Director Nelson Page

My guest is Nelson Page, Executive Director of the Barrymore Film Center in Fort Lee, New Jersey, the birthplace of the United States film industry. The center is an evolving cultural institution, featuring a repertory movie theater that brings back the comforts and style of classic cinema and a museum that is free to the public and has already been a source of great fascination to its visitors in the five months it has been open. We talked about what the center has to offer, the history of film in Fort Lee, and how the future of cinema is just as exciting as the past. 

Official Barrymore Film Center Website 

Barrymore Film Center Instagram 

The Barrymore Film Center is included in my book, The Classic Film Fan USA Travel Guide: Over 500 Attractions for Road Trips and Online Exploration

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