May 5, 2023

On YouTube: Two New Videos, Badass Seniors in Classic Film and Domesticity in Classic Film Noir


 I recently posted a couple of new videos on YouTube: 

There are plenty of young, bold stars in classic movies, but for my money nothing beats a badass senior. After all, with all that life experience, wisdom, and the confidence that comes with being a survivor, what’s not to love? These classic films feature elderly characters who plant themselves firmly in the middle of the action and don’t take nonsense from anyone.


While the most popular image of film noir is that of men in trenchcoats walking down foggy nighttime streets. There’s a lot more to it than that. One aspect of noir that always fascinates me is when it collides with domesticity: marriage, family, the home, and everything that goes with it. Here are five noir flicks that touch on domestic life in some way.

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