May 10, 2023

Watching Classic Movies Podcast: Classic Film Travel Destinations, The Stoogeum with Michelle Squiccimara

My guest is Michelle Squiccimara, registrar and outreach coordinator of The Stoogeum in Ambler, Pennsylvania. This three-story museum dedicated to the 3 Stooges contains thousands of artifacts and works of art. It’s also the home of the 3 Stooges fan club, one of the largest and most enduring in the nation. We talked about the many surprises the Stoogeum holds, the supportive fan community that has helped it to thrive, and a new book that reveals the underseen history of the Stooges extensive career on the road. 

How to purchase A Tour De Farce: The Complete History of the Three Stooges on the Road, by Stoogeum founder Gary Lassin

The Stoogeum is included in my book, The ClassicFilm Fan USA Travel Guide: Over 500 Attractions for Road Trips and Online Exploration

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the book so far! I'm thrilled by the response. If you are enjoying the guide, I'd love it if you'd post a review wherever you bought it. It really helps!

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