Apr 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Doris Day

Happy 88th Birthday to Doris Day! I hope that you are happy and enjoying your special day.

The clip is Ms. Day being charming while accepting her Cecil B. De Mille award at the 1989 Golden Globe ceremony. I love that brief shot of Robert Mitchum in the crowd. (There's a 10 second ad before the clip starts.)


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  2. I love Doris Day. I shouldn't say this this, but she had a nice caboose.

    And she could act.

    Happy Birthday, Doris!

  3. Haha--there's nothing wrong with admiring a nice caboose thingy!

  4. Here's a link to a Doris Day birthday webcast of a Monterey radio show where apparently the lady herself will be granting a rare interview (there are several parts, I haven't listened yet, so I'm not sure when Day pops up):