Apr 20, 2010

TV Tuesday: Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire for Western Airlines

How have I never heard of this commercial? What a find! Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are charming in this 1985 ad for Western Airlines, though it is a shame they don't dance. I love how Astaire always wore those fancy scarves around his neck; he had such a relaxed, but sophisticated style. And check out those shoes!


  1. What a charming commercial. Thanks so much for sharing it. It just goes to show that we don't have sophisticated stars like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire anymore. They were sophisticated and elegant even in their later years! ::sigh::

    I have a soft spot for Astaire. And oh those shoes!

    Have you ever seen the beer commercial Mickey Rooney did with his wife? It's hilarious. There are two versions. One somewhat tame and another one naughty. If you want me to send you the links, I'll be happy too.

  2. I feel like our society doesn't allow stars of this age to be sophisticated. It's like that isn't cool enough anymore! I think it's so funny that they managed to make an airline commercial elegant; that takes talent.

    I've never even heard of that Rooney beer commercial. Please do send me links!