Apr 12, 2010

Monday Serenade: The Boswell Sisters

Martha, Connie and Vet Boswell sing Crazy People in this clip from The Big Broadcast (1932). Billed as The Boswell Sisters, the family act from New Orleans was primarily a 1930s radio sensation, though they did appear in a few Hollywood musicals and short features. Though the trio’s style was wild, with unpredictable changes in key and tempo, they were always sharply in-sync. In performance, they often even moved in unison, as if they were a single body. Connie, who was wheelchair-bound due to a childhood bout with Polio, would change her name to Connee, and go on to a successful solo career career. Her style was a major influence on Ella Fitzgerald.

Check out Bozzies.com for more information about the Boswell Sisters

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