Dec 19, 2010

Quote of the Week

Half the people in America are faking it.

-Robert Mitchum

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  1. Hehe. Isn't he a generous man Thingy?

  2. I've never heard this Mitchum quote! Thanks so much for sharing it. I'd like to ask Robert Mitchum what people are faking exactly? Everything?

  3. Raquelle--I can't believe there's a Mitchum quote you haven't heard! I think I got it from "The 1,911 Best Things Anyone Ever Said". I'm not sure, because I've been keeping my quote spreadsheet for years and some of the columns have gotten kind of wonky.

    I think it's simmly Bob's cool way of saying people are more about appearances than being true to themselves. But he's not the kind of guy I like to analyze too much. You either dig him or you don't--you know?