Dec 25, 2010

Re-post: Deanna Durbin Sings Silent Night

[This is a re-post from exactly a year ago. I may need to make this post a yearly tradition. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas]

I get the chills every time I hear Deanna Durbin's low-key, but lush performance of Silent Night from the murder mystery-musical-comedy-noir (and how many of those exist?) Lady on a Train (1945). While she sings to her father to ease the pain of being apart on Christmas Eve, even the thug listening at the door is moved to tears (though he still goes through with the secret theft his boss has ordered). Given the underlying threat of danger, it's an oddly peaceful and hopeful scene.


  1. KC, I wanted to stop by say, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wanted to wish you a Happy New year!!

  2. Thanks Dawn! All the best to you as well.