Dec 31, 2012

There Are Many Greats Still With Us

Once again, I’ve decided to compile a complement to my yearly R.I.P. post. There are still several performers alive today who made their mark in classic movies. From top box office stars to scene-stealing supporting players. They all made a difference, and many of them are fantastic ambassadors for the classics today.

This is the last time I'll be posting this tribute. I always knew I couldn't watch the list shrink for many years. I had to stop sometime, and it might as well be this year, while there are still many artists whose presence we can appreciate. Please let me know in the comments if you've got a name to add.

Jerry Mathers, 64

Sue Lyon, 66

Tuesday Weld, 69

Catherine Deneuve, 69 (Thanks Tom!)

Carol Lynley, 70 (Thanks Leigh!)

Sarah Miles, 70 (Thanks @EddieLove44!)

Yvette Mimieux, 70

Rita Tushingham, 70

Julie Christie, 71

Ann-Margret, 71

Gigi Perreau, 71

Peter Fonda, 72

Karolyn Grimes, 72

Raquel Welch, 72 (Thanks Leigh!)

Samantha Eggar, 73

Katharine Ross, 73

Richard Beymer, 74

Claudia Cardinale, 74

Dolores Hart, 74

Millie Perkins, 74

Paula Prentiss, 74

Jane Fonda, 75

Margaret O'Brien, 75

Albert Finney, 76 (Thanks @EddieLove44!)

Susan Kohner, 76

Robert Redford, 76

Dean Stockwell, 76

Diahann Carroll, 77

Julie Andrews, 77

Alain Delon, 77

Russ Tamblyn, 77

Brigitte Bardot, 78

George Chakiris, 78

Sophia Loren, 78

Shirley MacLaine, 78

Joan Collins, 79

Kim Novak, 79

Taina Elg, 80 (Thanks Tom!)

Mickey Kuhn, 80 (Thanks Leigh!)

Peter O'Toole, 80 (Thanks @EddieLove44!)

Debbie Reynolds, 80

Omar Sharif, 80 (Thanks Tom!)

Robert Vaughn, 80 (Thanks Tom!)

Carroll Baker, 81 (Thanks Tom!)

Claire Bloom, 81

Leslie Caron, 81

Barbara Eden, 81

Anita Ekberg, 81

John Gavin, 81

Mitzi Gaynor, 81

Darryl Hickman, 81 (Thanks Leigh!)

Tab Hunter, 81

John Kerr, 81

Rita Moreno, 81

Sean Connery, 82

Clint Eastwood, 82

Tippi Hedren, 82

Sally Ann Howes, 82 (Thanks Leigh!)

Barbara Lawrence, 82

Vera Miles, 82

Marni Nixon, 82

Maximilian Schell, 82 (Thanks @EddieLove44!)

Rod Taylor, 82

Robert Wagner, 82

Joanne Woodward, 82

Anne Meara, 83

Terry Moore, 83

Don Murray, 83

Joan Plowright, 83

Christopher Plummer, 83 (Thanks @EddieLove44!)

Jane Powell, 83

Ann Blyth, 84

Peggy Dow, 84

Sally Forrest, 84

James Garner, 84

Earl Holliman, 84 (Thanks Leigh!)

Kathleen Hughes, 84

Martin Landau, 84

Ennio Morricone, 84 (Thanks Lê!)

Nancy Olson, 84

Shirley Temple, 84

Stuart Whitman, 84 (Thanks Tom!)

Harry Belafonte, 85

Rita Gam, 85

Cora Sue Collins, 85

Rosemary Harris, 85

Gina Lollabrigida, 85

Roger Moore, 85

Estelle Parsons, 85

Sidney Poitier, 85

Barbara Rush, 85

Julie Adams, 86

Mel Brooks, 86

Mona Freeman, 86

Anne Jackson, 86

Gloria Jean, 86

Cloris Leachman, 86

Jerry Lewis, 86

Joan Lorring, 86

Marcy McGuire, 86

Irene Papas, 86

Jane Withers, 86

Patrice Wymore, 86

Lola Albright, 87

Honor Blackman, 87

Arlene Dahl, 87

Gloria DeHaven, 87

Lee Grant, 87

Julie Harris, 87

George Kennedy, 87 (Thanks Tom!)

Angela Lansbury, 87

Joan Leslie, 87

June Lockhart, 87

Dorothy Malone, 87

Colette Marchand, 87

Dina Merrill, 87

Dickie Moore, 87

Dick Van Dyke, 87

Cara Williams, 87

Jonathan Winters, 87 (Thanks Leigh!)

Lauren Bacall, 88

Theodore Bikel, 88

Stanley Donen, 88

Martha Hyer, 88

Leslie Phillips, 88 (thanks @RobertWRossEsq)

Eva Marie Saint, 88

Richard Attenborough, 89

Valentina Cortese, 89

Betsy Drake, 89

Rhonda Fleming, 89

Glynis Johns, 89

Peggy Stewart, 89

Jean Stapleton, 89

Sid Caesar, 90 (Thanks Leigh!)

Doris Day, 90

Ruby Dee, 90

Coleen Gray, 90

Barbara Hale, 90

Christopher Lee, 90 (thanks Kristen!)

Janis Paige, 90

Juanita Moore, 90

Eleanor Parker, 90

Carl Reiner, 90

Lizabeth Scott, 90

Carol Channing, 91

Nancy Davis (Reagan), 91

Deanna Durbin, 91

Louis Jourdan, 91

Esther Williams, 91

Mary Anderson, 92

Nanette Fabray, 92

Jayne Meadows, 92

Michele Morgan, 92

Noel Neill, 92

Maureen O'Hara, 92

Mickey Rooney, 92

Ruth Terry, 92

Marge Champion, 93

Patty Andrews, 94

Diana Serra Cary (AKA Baby Peggy), 94

Audrey Totter, 94

Efrem Zimbalist Jr., 94

Danielle Darrieux, 95

Joan Fontaine, 95

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 95

Lorna Gray, 95

Marsha Hunt, 95

Olivia de Havilland, 96

Kirk Douglas, 96

Patricia Morison, 97

Alicia Rhett, 97

Eli Wallach, 97

Norman Lloyd, 98

Mary Carlisle, 100

Luise Rainer, 102


  1. Thank you KC for posting this list once again. We do still have a lot of classic stars left. I think you got them all. If I come across anymore that you may have missed I will let you know. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful blog!

  2. sadly Harry Carey jr passed away just a few days ago :(

  3. Catherine Deneuve (69), Stuart Whitman (84), Carroll Baker (80), Robert Vaughn (80), Omar Sharif (80), George Kennedy (80)

  4. (I might be off on some of the ages)

  5. Thanks Monty! Happy New Year to you. Thanks for all the great posts this year. You're awesome!

    Oh Artman, I added him to the RIP list, but I forgot to take him away here. How sad. Thanks for letting me know.

    I can always count on you to think of good ones Tom! Once again, I can't believe many of these weren't on the list. I checked the ages, and only Baker and Kennedy were off. Kennedy is much older! Whitman is a brilliant addition. I just discovered him this year. I'm obsessed with his performance in Blazing Magnum. Have you seen it? It's on YouTube. It's got the craziest car chase I've ever seen. There's so much in that movie that doesn't make sense, and it can get pretty dark, but it is quite a ride.

    Happy New Year everyone. I always love to hear from you!

  6. Does Christopher Lee count? 90 years young. :)

  7. Oh yes, Christopher Lee counts. Thanks Kristen!

  8. Did not know Maureen O'Hara was still with us! Great news!

  9. Isn't it great Marcela? It makes it feel like the times that produced these stars aren't so far away after all.

  10. Ennio Morricone is happily stil with us. He is 84, quite young for my standards.

  11. I keep forgetting that Lê! Excellent choice. You are so right, 84 is just a child!

  12. Carol Lynley (70); Mickey Kuhn (80); Sally Ann Howes (82)

  13. Raquel Welch (72); Darryl Hickman (81)

  14. Sid Caesar (90) & Jonathan Winters (87) sorry I keep thinking of people!

  15. Can I add one more? Everyone seems to forget about her because she only in a handful of pictures, but she won a Golden Globe for the Gene Kelly musical Les Girls, Taina Elg, who is 80 years old. Lovely woman.

  16. Thanks for all the names Leigh. I love Carol Lynley in particular!

    Of course you can add more Tom. Let's keep going!

  17. Hey, KC! Hope all is well with you.

    Are you still adding to this list?

    Rita Tushingham, 70. Katharine Ross, 73. Mel Brooks, 86. Carl Reiner,90.

  18. Hey Jill! Sure, I'll add 'em as long as people submit them :-)