Mar 24, 2015

TCMFF Coverage and Viewing Lists Galore!

Photo credit: A Classic Movie Blog

In just 24 hours, I will be hoping an early morning flight to Los Angeles, destination Hollywood! I am beyond excited to attend the TCM Classic Film Festival for a second year.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all as a member of the media, particularly with those of you who will be watching the festivities from home. I've also watched TCMFF from afar, and I know that while nothing beats being there, it can be a lot of fun to catch a glimpse of the action.

I will make you feel like you are there!

For oodles of festival updates follow me on Twitter at @classicmovieblg and on Instagram at kcclassic.

I'll add a few brief posts to the blog during the festival as well, to be followed by more detailed coverage once I join the real world again.

It has been interesting to see the many choices other bloggers have made after agonizing over the festival schedule.

My list hasn't changed much since I posted it, though I am considering switching out The French Connection (1971) for the hand-cranked films presentation.

Check out these other lists for inspiration, and to get a feel for how the festival will unfold:

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The Hollywood Revue

I See a Dark Theater
Journeys in Classic Film
Lindsay's Movie Musings
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Vivien Leight and Laurence Olivier

The Black Maria will also be live blogging the event here (page not live until festival time).

And remember, if you're flying solo at a screening and you'd like a seat buddy, send me a tweet at  @classicmovieblg to join up with me and whatever other gang I'm with!


  1. Even though I am not going to TCMFF, a while back I made my own lists of picks of what I would see if I was!

  2. Thanks Terry. I'll add you to the list!