Mar 5, 2015

TCMFF Prefunc: 10 Reasons I Dig Ann-Margret

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I adore Ann-Margret. She puts so much into her performances, be it dancing, singing, acting, or all three. You never see her sweat either. She is one of the best entertainers because she always does just that, entertain, and in a big way. I'm so excited that this amazing woman will be introducing a screening of The Cincinnati Kid (1965) at TCM Classic Film Festival.

It's hard to put into words just how wonderful she is, so I'll show you:

1. The way she's too much, but you always want more. Exhibit 1, this 1961 screentest:

2. Her ability to steal a movie from anyone. Even Elvis.

3. Superhuman dance skills

4. She was an awesome cartoon.

She sang a cute lullaby to Pebbles too.

5. She has a sense of humor. Exhibit 1, modern art in The Swinger (1966)

Exhibit 2 from Tommy (1975)

6. The best opening number. The best closing number.

7. She recorded a song with dreamy Lee Hazlewood.

8. She kills it in dramas.

9. This--for infinite reasons

10. And of course that she'll be introducing this at TCMFF 2015


  1. Big fan, ever since I first saw her in "Bye Bye Birdie" as a kid. Look forward to seeing her at this year's TCMFF.

  2. Wow! Ann Margret was really an amazing artist. She can dance, sings and act. The videos provided was all of the best performance of Ann Margret. The films , the music the she sang and the music that she dance are all amazing.

  3. She's on my, "If I was gay," list. ; }

  4. CineMaven--Bye Bye Birdie is the flick that turned me on to Ann-Margret too. That opening song is fantastic.

    Jennifer--Yep, she could do it all. A truly underrated talent.

    Maggie--Oh yes, meeee too.