May 9, 2015

Screenshots of the Week: An Arrow Through the Heart

Ginger Rogers in Carefree (1938)

Madonna, 2015

Here are some lovely additions courtesy of Dsata:

Richard Egan and Jane Russell in The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956)

Model photographed by Nina Leen, 1947

Hans Makart, Detail from The Dream after the Ball, 19th Century


  1. Good find !
    I would add these if you please :

  2. These are great Dsata! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I've loved your blog so much over the years by the way. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I'll add your finds to my post.

  3. I am also grateful to you for introducing me to Nina Leen Dsata! Her photos are amazing. I'm already obsessed.

  4. Thanks A LOT ! I'm very happy you've enjoyed it.
    And yes, Nina Leen is such a nice photographer !

    And thank you for the kind words about my blog.
    As you perhaps have noticed, it will be closed and the archives will be private. (I'll send you the password when I'll make it).

  5. I ordered a book of Nina Leen photos. Can't wait to give it a look.

    I had noticed that you've closed the blog and I'm terribly sad about it, but I understand the need to move on. There's no photo blog quite like yours. I'll miss it very much. Please do share that password so I can reminisce! xo

  6. I've seen where this comes from :

  7. Ah! Lovely Dsata. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello KC, I've just made my blog private but couldn't find a way to give a password for some readers.
    Some posts can still be found here :
    Thank you.
    Au revoir !

  9. Thank you Dsata. You are so kind! Best wishes.