May 25, 2022

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: May Round-up

This month I enjoyed the depth and thoughtfulness of the conversations in my podcast listening. There’s always been so much misinformation about the golden age of Hollywood and its stars. It’s refreshing and encouraging to have experts out there setting things straight. All episode titles link to the shows: 

Forgotten Hollywood 
May 9, 2022 

Ava Gardner Museum board member Lora Stocker has long been a great advocate for and educator about this glamorous, but down-to-earth actress. Here the conversation is at its most fascinating when the emphasis is on that genuine quality that was at the core of Gardner’s personality. It was also amusing to learn that while she never went inside her tribute museum, she did take a peek inside when it was closed.

Even the Rich: Marilyn 
May 3, 2022 

Angelica Jade Bastién is one of my favorite film critics. In addition to being a bracingly honest and talented writer, she’s a great thinker. Her sensitivity and lived experience give her strong insight into the life of Marilyn Monroe. Bastién counters the perception that Monroe was simply a tragic victim, emphasizing her ambition and intelligence in developing her own career and the way she was ahead of her times in publicly speaking out about social matters like casting couch culture.

Front Row Classics: A Hollywood Golden Age Podcast 
April 27, 2022 

Scott McGee’s book about stunt performers was in my media bag for TCM Classic Film Festival (full review to come), so I thought I’d learn more about it before digging in. My big takeaway after this conversation: an Oscar category for stunts is not only long overdue, but would help the Academy better recognize blockbuster films.

The Atlas Obscura Podcast 
April 19, 2022 

This is a beautiful story of Louis Armstrong’s house, why his devoted wife Lucille bought it for him, and how the life they led there inspired his most beloved song, What a Wonderful World.

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