May 30, 2012

Mary Pickford Blogathon: Participants and Instructions

Our Pickford party is still a few days away, and I am already having a wonderful time! It has been so much fun to talk with all of you about Mary. I'm heartened to see that there is a lot more love out there for her than I thought.

Thank you to all of you who have signed up to participate. We're a diverse bunch, but we all have our admiration for Pickford in common. I hope that sentiment will last beyond the three days of this event.

I've been getting several questions about when and how to submit posts, so I thought I should let you all know what I have planned.

There's no need to sign up for a specific day, just leave a link to your post in the comments of this or any Pickford blogathon post on the site and I will add it to the list for that day (if I don't get to you the day you send it, never fear, I will post it by the next day). If you prefer, you may also send the link to classicmovieblog (at)

If you haven't signed up, but would like to participate, you are still welcome! Feel free to send me links to new and previously-written Pickford posts any day of the event. If you have a fantastic idea, but don't have a site, let me know and I can host your post.

And now, the current list, with participants and the topics I know. If I have somehow missed you or made any errors, please leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks again everyone!

Special Guests:

June 1: Author and documentary filmmaker Sarah Baker will share her thoughts on Olive Thomas, Jack Pickford's tragic wife, and her relationship with Mary.

June 2: Author and actor Stephen Jared will write about Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks and their eventful relationship.

June 3: I'll share an interesting Q&A with Peggy Dymond Leavey, the author of Mary Pickford: Canada's Silent Siren, America's Sweetheart, which was published late last year.

Participating Movie Sites and Organizations:

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Stella Maris (1918)
Once Upon a Screen, Romance of the Redwoods (1917)
Mary Pickford Institute (Manon Banta), Mary as a role model for today's girls
Mary Pickford Institute (Hugh Munro Neely), Mary and Charlotte Pickford as producers
Journeys in Classic Film, Cinderella (1914)
The Silent Volume, The Little American (1917)
A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies, Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918)
Crítica Retrô, Sparrows (1926)
She Blogged By Night, Secrets (1933)
Movietone News, Kiki (1931)
Hollywood Revue, My Best Girl (1927)
A Person in the Dark, The New York Hat (1912)
My Love of Old Hollywood, Pickfair profile
The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, Career overview
True Classics, The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)
Commentary Track, Photo Play: My Best Girl (1927)
Twenty-four Frames, A Beast At Bay (1912)
These Amazing Shadows
The Other Side, Sparrows (1926)
What Happened to Hollywood
Movie Classics, Daddy Long-Legs (1919)
Krell Laboratories
Forget the Talkies, Pickford overview/links
The Cinementals
Mary Pickford Foundation (Sloan DeForest)
Pretty Clever Films


  1. I'm in too! Haven't decided the topic just yet... inspiration and all that. :)

  2. I've got you in there--you're at the bottom! I basically put it in order of when people signed up.

  3. There's just a lot to scan--which is a beautiful thing!

  4. Yay! I gotta finish up my post!

  5. My post on Cinderella is here

  6. My posting on Daddy-Long-Legs is now up:

  7. My post is now up. I talk about the effect Sparrows (1926) has had on my writing of horror and horror RPGS.

  8. Thank you Kristen, Judy and Timothy!

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    Last post didnt work, ill try again :) Just posted about Mary and how LA seems to be purposely letting her history be eradicated.

  11. My post is up now -

    Thanks for organizing the Mary Pickford blogathon. It's been excellent reading so far!

  12. Ha--I was actually on Twitter when you posted! I'm glad I signed back on this afternoon to catch this great new stuff coming in. Glad you've been enjoying the posts so far. I have too!