Jul 11, 2012

Classic Movies on Pintrest

Classic Movies is now on Pintrest! Though I've posted a few of my boards to Twitter, I haven't done much to spread the word about my favorite new place to geek out, so I thought I ought to write a post. I love that I can share so many images and be sure that the source will be properly credited.

So far I've put up eight boards:

Drop by and take a look! If you've got a great Pintrest board, let me know. I may add these to future Classic Links posts.


  1. Hi, KC. I've been to Pinterest a few times. Looks cool, but I get overwhelmed- there is so much.
    Hope your Summer is going well. : )

  2. Thingy! I've missed you! I've been posting a lot more than I've been looking at things on Pintrest. There's no way I have the time to get into that. I figure I can save that activity for the dead of winter. I'm having a fantastic Summer. I hope you are as well. xoxo