Jul 8, 2012

Quote of the Week

We are what we are in the opinion of others. It's up to them to make up their minds as to what we are.  

-Cary Grant

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  1. Thanks for linking to the interview. I don't know if it's because he was 82 at the time (when someone is that age I imagine they just want to live quietly like Grant said and enjoy the time they have left) but he just seemed... resigned, sometimes even bored and a little annoyed for being interviewed.

    So it got me wondering if he always really felt like that, all his life, or if he was saying those things because of his age and personality.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog, I'm terrible at remembering these things, but I've been following it for quite a while now, and you have a good thing going on here, nice work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I always love getting comments!

    I also wondered about the tone of that interview. He did seem irritated by the line of questioning, but I thought perhaps that could have been because he had gotten so many questions like that over the years. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of it was that he was old and tired of being treated like a "movie star." After he retired, he truly left acting behind and started to refer to himself as a businessman. I also think that he never thought much of the whole Hollywood game. He seemed to keep himself sane by understanding that it was all illusion.