Aug 31, 2022

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: August Round-up

This was an especially satisfying month of podcast listening. I loved the conversations and the revelations in these episodes. Show title links to ep:

August 17, 2022 

This episode perfectly captures the bizarre, brutal, beautiful magic of Charles Laughton’s sole directorial effort, The Night of the Hunter. I’ve read a full book about the making of this movie and still learned many great tidbits here. Also, co-host Amy has a voice that’s an ASMR dream.
Pop Culture Happy Hour 
July 25, 2022 

I was glad to hear this overview of the new Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman docuseries directed by Ethan Hawke before I watched. It got me in the right frame of mind. Basically, that Woodward is due much more credit for her career accomplishments and that this love story was more complicated than most classic film fans know.
Keep It 
July 27, 2022 

In addition to sharing her views on the new release Nope, film critic Angelica Jade Bastién also has a lot to say about the new Newman and Woodward documentary in addition to a wide-ranging array of views about classic movies. While her insight is always fascinating, a heads up to the more sensitive that her language is colorful and I realize that’s not for everyone. 

The Micheaux Mission 
March 1, 2022 

I love how hosts Len and Vince thoughtfully challenge each other. It’s why this is one of my favorite film podcasts. You rarely see that kind of elegant discourse anymore and it’s so satisfying. This was a good analysis of Losing Ground, notable for being the second feature film directed by an African-American woman, but also an entertaining flick. I also liked the opening conversation about which black films should be added to the Criterion Collection.

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