Oct 6, 2009

Classic Links

Why do barbers love photos of Marlon Brando?—
The Guardian

B-day gal Carole Lombard is so glamorous in this pic!—
Art Deco

Of course, I can’t forget it is Janet Gaynor’s b-day as well—
Silver Screen Stars

I love the haunted house series on this blog—
She Blogged by Night

Tuesday Weld in I’ll Take Sweden (1965)—
Out of the Past

Interesting review of the new Elizabeth Taylor bio—
Times Online

Unforgettable classic cartoons—
Matinee at the Bijou

Movies for your inner leftist—
Riku Writes

Nice, short bio of Charles Coburn (This blog has a great musical soundtrack. Check it out!)—
Midnite at Sunset and Vine

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