Dec 18, 2009

Classic Links

More great Jennifer Jones tributes:

The Guardian
Self-Styled Siren
Another Old Movie Blog
Motion Picture Gems(there’s a couple of great pics from when Jones won the Oscar here)

A trio of stars and their piles of fan mail— And. . .Scene

Vintage pics of teary visits with Santa (this isn’t about classic movies, but it cracked me up and I had to share)— Glamour Splash


  1. "dark victory" was the movie that saved my life -- see post '1984' -- I had a brain tumor but couldn't get drs to take me seriously. I saw that movie, I had all the symptoms she did, I turned off the TV and went to the ER and was vindicated...

    ps: I am a classic movie fanatic! No one will play 'Scene It' against me. I watch at least one a day.

  2. Wow--what a story. How many people can say that a Bette Davis movie saved their life? I'll never think of "Dark Victory" the same again. Thanks for sharing!