Dec 30, 2009

Classic Links

Library of Congress adds 25 to registry (yay for Mark of Zorro (1940)!)— Variety

Here’s the list of 25 with a few video clips— /Film

A review: George Sanders, Zsa Zsa and Me, by David R. Slavitt— Out of the Past

Is it just me, or was this interviewer rude? If I were Mickey Rooney, I’d snap at her too (she is especially harsh when she describes his appearance—she seems to think there’s something wrong with getting old!)— The Guardian

Weird—the same Rooney interview seems smoother in the video (and the interviewer comes off better). I think he looks pretty good! Love that voice. It’s nice that he finally found a lasting love.— The Guardian

How’s this for a year-end list? The top ten (plus) movies of 1919— David Bordwell

A fascinating, and very detailed history of City Lights (1930) and Charlie Chaplin—
A Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies
Part One,  Part Two


  1. Wow. Thanks for the link to that Mickey Rooney interview! He is awesome.

    I couldn't STAND that interviewer - where did they get her from?

  2. Wasn't she mean? I couldn't stand the way she was trying to make him look pathetic in the piece she wrote. I was like--don't you know who this man is? She could have had some fun with the lying business too. Actors are paid to lie--that's why they do it so well in real life! I thought he looked and sounded pretty darn great for 89 years old.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    I'm horrified by that interview with Mickey Rooney. He's a legend and shouldn't be treated that way.

  4. My pleasure Raquelle. It was a very well-written review. Now I'm excited to read the book!

    Wasn't that interviewer a stinkpot? I mean, even it you don't understand the contributions Rooney made, at least have some respect for the elderly! Sheesh.