Dec 31, 2009

Classic Links

Part Two of an excellent Eva Marie Saint interview. She is a wonderful storyteller.— The Santa Barbara Independent

How exciting—a reunion of some of the West Side Story (1961) cast members!— Motion Picture Gems

These Bob Willoughby pics of Sophia Loren playing around with Elvis should give you an idea of how talented this man was— 13 Media

A thought-provoking post from Mr. Shreve— Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear


  1. Wow..those pics with Sophia and Elvis are cool. I had no idea that they ever met.

  2. I didn't know until Bob Willoughby died. It was only then that I realized just how talented he was. I love how shy Elvis was. I can just imagine how shocking that would be to have Sophia Loren bombard you with affection like that!