Jun 10, 2013

SIFF 2013: The End

I enjoyed my experience scooting along the edges of the 39th Seattle International Film Festival, giving just a little more attention to those older films that can be forgotten in such a large event. The eight archival film screenings* at SIFF 2013 formed the tiniest piece of this grand celebration of over 400 movies. In a record-breaking year for the event, the screenings were well-attended, and the passion of these audiences more than justified their inclusion in the mix.

When I applied for my SIFF 2013 press credentials, I had some partially-developed ideas about promoting the classics at large festivals and boosting recognition of our already world-renowned film scene in Seattle. I hoped to give my international audience a reason to come visit, and for those of you who are local to carve out a little time on the weekend to see some interesting flicks.

While I promoted all these things as planned, I found a new overall focus as well. Holy cow people, seeing movies with a festival audience is amazing. I had become so accustomed to seeing virtually whatever I pleased at home, that I'd actually forgotten how fulfilling it can be to see a great movie with a crowd that is as happy to be there as I am. You definitely find these people at a film festival. These folks aren't just looking for a way to fill time on the weekend, they are passionate about cinema. If you ever have the chance to see a classic film in a theater, and especially at a festival, go!

Movies were made to be a communal experience, and while it can be pleasant to enjoy films alone, there is nothing like seeing them on the big screen and getting that audience reaction. I'm grateful to SIFF for giving me the opportunity to experience that with such a diverse group of films and people. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with for SIFF 2014.

Here for the last time is the full archival line-up and my completed coverage. Thank you all for reading. I'm pleased that so many of you took an interest in the festival.

*I was unfortunately unable to attend the screening of Port of Shadows.

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