Mar 21, 2022

TCM Ultimate Movie Trivia Challenge: Yes, it Stumped Me a Few Times


I’ve long thought it would be great to have a classic movie trivia game for waiting in line at TCM Classic Film Festival. Now TCM itself has come through itself with a card deck that delivers as far as being accessible for fairly new fans of the classics, but offering some challenge for long-term cinema obsessives like me. 

The TCM Ultimate Movie Trivia Challenge is a 100-card deck with four questions on each card. The back of each card is labeled with one of eight categories: The Great Films, Leading Ladies, Leading Men, Directors, Cult Classics, Supporting Players, Behind the Scenes, and Unforgettable Lines. I liked having the flexibility to choose a category; the Cult cards were especially fun because of their wild variety. 

Any regular viewer of TCM should enjoy these cards. As someone with a deep knowledge of classic movies, I knew many of the answers easily, but there were plenty that stumped me, and those I did know often had a few interesting tidbits in the answer that were new to me. 

In a time where I often fail to disconnect myself from the social media doom scroll and all the attendant horrors, it was nice to unplug with this. It reminded me of how healing it can be to embrace the simplicity of playing games, especially when they focus on a subject I deeply love. 

Many thanks to TCM for providing the trivia game for review.

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