Apr 7, 2014

TCM Film Festival 2014 and Classic Movies Now on Instagram!

Hard to believe I will be flying to Hollywood tomorrow for my first time attending the TCM Classic Film Festival. As a credentialed member of the media, I'll be sharing fun photos and tidbits throughout my trip. Most of my coverage during the festival will be on my social media accounts, and particularly Twitter. After the festival, I'll follow up with more in-depth posts about what I experienced.

For those of you who simply want a photo gallery view of the festival, I will also be posting on Instagram for the first time. You can follow me here: kcclassic or use the handy icon right under the Classic Movies banner. I'm looking forward to giving you an armchair view of the festival!

I have been over the festival schedule so many times that I may have committed it to memory, and I think I have finally decided on my first choices. Of course, I know I may not be able to make it to all of these, but I hear that my chances are good to get into most, if not all of the things I want to see.

My primary focus: appearances by stars I admire, because Mickey Rooney's death has reminded me that, as morbid as it sounds, some of these stars could be appearing for the last time.

My top choices so far:


I want to check out the Meet TCM event and of course the opening night party. I'm also hoping to check out the poolside screening of American Graffiti. I'm considering Johnny Guitar as well. That would be gorgeous on a big screen.


After reading, and loving, Scott Eyman's new biography of John Wayne, seeing the early showing of Stagecoach is a must. I can't wait to see it again; it's been a long time. Then I am looking forward to seeing Grey Gardens. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience to adore the two Edies with an audience. I also want to see Margaret O'Brien at the screening of Meet Me In St. Louis. I think this is going to be a popular one.

Then I might try to catch some of A Conversation With Quincy Jones in Club TCM, as he is from Seattle, my hometown. I might need to eat too though. The problem is, there's not really much time for that or potty breaks. Then it's on to Why Worry? with Harold Lloyd.

I'm also considering seeing Employee's Entrance as it is one of my favorite pre-codes. To top off the night: a midnight screening of the eerie, and strangely funny, Eraserhead.


I'm hoping to cover the Jerry Lewis handprint ceremony. We'll see! I may be trying to grab a glimpse from afar. Then maybe Godzilla or I Remember Mama (they don't lack for variety at TCMFF). My big goal is to see Maureen O'Hara at the screening of How Green Was My Valley. I also want to check out Kim Novak before Bell, Book and Candle, one of my favorite movies. I'm sort of curious to see Jerry Lewis and The Nutty Professor, but I've been a fan of Novak for so long. Then I plan to finish the night with a movie that always makes me laugh: The Women.


I haven't got much planned for the last day of the festival. Alan Arkin is a must-see, both his interview for Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival and in his Oscar-nominated performance in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. My plans could change when those TBA films are announced.

I'm also really looking forward to meeting as many film fans as possible, from the bloggers I already plan to meet, and those I have read for years, to all those lovely surprises that you can count on when thousands of people who love the same thing gather together.

It's going to be great fun, and I hope I can make it a good time for those of you who will be reading along at home. I know that can be fun too, and I hope I can add to your enjoyment!

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