Feb 15, 2015

Quote of the Week

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My mother and I were at a film once, and we came out through the lobby and she said, 'I want to see you do that someday.' And that was all that was needed. Because I already wanted to do it. But you have to have somebody tell you, or you need to be pushed a bit. And that's the only thing she's ever said to me about acting. Was she wanted to see me do that.

-Gene Hackman

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  1. Excellent! Man I finally watched Get Shorty on Netflix this weekend -- believe or no, I'd never seen it before, though i loved the book as they say. But Gene Hackman is brilliant as you'd expect (and probably remember), playing against type and in the process proving once again what a great actor he is.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I adore the love in that anecdote. How much his mom believed in him and probably knew how badly he wanted to act. I think Hackman is one of those actors who is so good, that we take him for granted. He's never been about the stardom or the riches--always the work.