Sep 29, 2021

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: September Round-up

What a great month for podcasts featuring interviews with true classic Hollywood stars! I loved hearing the memories of three of my favorite actors. Episode titles link to the shows: 

Maltin on Movies 
September 20, 2021 

This is a deeply revealing interview with former child actress Hayley Mills, who is now promoting her new memoir. She shares her love for Walt Disney, the Los Angeles that once was, and her son who was instrumental in helping her to put together her book, in addition to talking about her evolving perspective on being an actress.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
September 20, 2021 

As charming together as one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood as they are individually, Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin are just as clever, funny, and with it as they’ve always been. They’re such positive people and it was uplifting to hear their largely affectionate stories of the acting life.

Vanguard of Hollywood 
August 18, 20201 

While I have no interest in collecting classic Hollywood costumes, I’ve long been fascinated by people who do, and Greg Schreiner has one of the largest private collections. It was interesting to hear his tips on how to determine authenticity, like how the interior of a garment isn’t made to please a client, but rather constructed to help a star look fabulous. I was also blown away that it used to be possible to rent authentic costumes, like Elizabeth Taylor’s costumes from Cleopatra.

Watch With Jen 
September 10, 2021 

It was fun to listen to my friend Kate Gabrielle talk about her longstanding fascination with actor Dirk Bogarde. I know I’ve seen a lot of his films because of her. This is a great introduction to some of his most intriguing flicks.

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