Nov 1, 2021

Podcasts for Classic Film Fans: October Round-up

I enjoyed an especially varied batch of podcast episodes this month. There are lots of different subjects and styles to take in here. Episode titles link to the show: 

Fun City Cinema 
October 25, 2021 

This was a thoughtful reflection on the brutal, but fascinating 1970 film Joe. It draws on a brilliant roster of guests and makes a rather frightening and accurate comparison between its murderous characters and certain public figures today.

Micheaux Mission 
September 28, 2021 

I wanted to dive into race films, because I’ve enjoyed a few, but it’s long been a hole in my cinematic education. I knew these guys had watched quite a few in their quest to watch every black film. This was a good start for me, because I got some big picture information in addition to the movie review.

The Plot Thickens 

TCM has finally hit its stride in podcasting with its third season of The Plot Thickens. There’s so much not commonly known about the turbulent life of comedy legend Lucille Ball. This wild story is told well here, with Ben Mankiewicz narrating, interviews with those who knew her, and extensive clips of Lucy herself. It’s a gripping and moving production.

Made For TV Mayhem
February 6, 2021 

I love classic TV movies, especially from the seventies, and ESPECIALLY horror, so this episode about the modern haunted house chiller This House Possessed hit the spot. There’s even an interview with star Parker Stevenson (The Hardy Boys). He’s as nice a guy as I expected.

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