Feb 11, 2010

Classic Links

Great Valentines Day pics of classic actresses— Gents and Dames

A tribute to the stars that Hollywood never gave a chance to— Vintage Film Nerd

Fascinating pics of Vivian Leigh, newly available on the London National Portrait Gallery site-- Viv and Larry

Haha—it’s “That Guy”—the character actor website— That Guy (via @ebertchicago—if you are on Twitter, I highly suggest following Roger Ebert. He posts great stuff.)

Luise Rainer to appear at TCM classic film fest (I know a lot of you are iffy about this festival, but I am impressed that they managed this booking)— UPI


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Those Vivien pics on the NPG site are amazing.


  2. Thanks for posting those pics Kendra. I can't believe how many subtle mood changes the photographer captured in what looked like such a subdued sitting. So remarkable!