Feb 26, 2010

Free Classic Movies with African Americans

Many of the movies that I watched to celebrate African American History month are legally available online. I thought I'd share a few titles with you all (click on the links to watch the flick):

Bronze Buckaroo (1939)
Herb Jefferies as the first and only African American singing cowboy.

Bubbling Over (1934)
A musical short with a young Ethel Waters.

The Duke is Tops (1938)
Ms. Lena Horne makes her movie debut. Also with Ralph Cooper.

The Emperor Jones (1933)
One of Paul Robeson’s best movie roles. With Fredi Washington in a small part.

The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)
Starring Jackie Robinson as himself and Louise Beavers as his mother.

Made for Each Other (1939)
Starring Carole Lombard and Jimmy Stewart, but Louise Beavers is effective in a supporting role.

Sanders of the River (1935)
The British Empire stuff is a bit silly, but I can’t complain too much about a movie with both Paul Robeson and Nina Mae McKinney

They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! (1970)
Starring Sidney Poitier. Also with Juano Hernandez in his last role.

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