Feb 1, 2010

African American History Month

Though many of my favorite performers from the golden age of Hollywood are African American, I have yet to pay proper tribute to any of them. For that reason, I've decided to celebrate African American History Month in a big way. Every day this month, I will write about the contributions of African Americans to classic movies, from the singing glamour girls to the servants, maids and mammies. When you consider the obstacles and indignities they had to face in an already brutal business, it's amazing the impact so many of these performers made. And they did make an impact. They built careers, stole scenes and often became incredibly rich in the process.

In order to highlight as many personalities as possible, I'm going to devote all my regular features to the celebration of African Americans (I'm changing Saturday Morning Cartoon to Saturday Morning Dance, at least for the month), and there will be lots of other goodies. It's going to be lots of fun! I hope you'll join me.

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  1. What a great idea. So many talented performers, like Dorothy Dandrige, Lena Horne and Ethel Waters. This will be an exciting month of wonderful posts.

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely be touching on these three stars. I'm looking forward to this!