Jan 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Tallulah Bankhead


Though Tallulah Bankhead made her reputation as a stage actress, she did make a few appearances in Hollywood. Over the course of several decades, she starred in flicks such as The Cheat (1931), Lifeboat (1944) and Die! Die! My Darling! (1965). I love this deliciously catty chat between Tallulah and Marlene Dietrich on a 1951 episode of the radio program The Big Show. It is marvelous how these two big personalities with their distinctive voices and worldly ways manage to avoid canceling each other out. It’s funny, because when Tallulah first came to Hollywood, Paramount actually billed her as “the next Dietrich”--as if either of these women could be replicated! Wouldn’t it have been interesting if they had co-starred in a movie?

For more info., check out this enthusiastically footnoted bio. of Bankhead.

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