Jan 18, 2010

Monday Serenade: Debbie Reynolds Flirts With Frank Sinatra

This scene from The Tender Trap (1955) could make you swear off big production numbers for good. Frank Sinatra is perfect--sitting at the piano, wearing his hat, singing the title tune with his easy charm (he always makes it look so darn easy). He's so absorbed in the tune that he doesn't notice (or doesn't care) that Debbie Reynolds is making goo-goo eyes at him. It's a great moment, because you get a glimpse of Sinatra's intense delight in making music.


  1. Cue Debbie laying a big kiss on Frank! Love this subtle music number... the magnetism that Frank exudes is palpable. I don't know how she resisted just kissing him!

  2. Yes, he had great charisma, and never more so than when he sang!