Jan 18, 2010

Classic Links

If you haven’t read Millie’s story about hearing Rebel Without a Cause screenwriter Stewart Stern speak, take a look—she heard lots of great stories— Classic Forever

This is a great post about Crooner (1932) and crooning in general (one of my favorite words=crooner)— TCM/Movie Morlocks

RIP Patric Knowles— Vintage Film Nerd

April 15, 1932 in Hollywood. I can’t get enough of this old Hollywood gossip. This batch is particularly good (love the bit about the enormous, overdue milk bill)— Hollywood Heyday

The allure of silent movies— Silents and Talkies

A mini-tribute to the very cool Richard Conte— The Night Editor

An in-depth post about Robert Benchley with a great list of viewing recommendations-- Movietone News

I enjoyed this MLK day pictorial tribute to African American actors— Film Noir Photos

Bessie Love had such a marvelous face! Check out these pics— Classic Movies

Philip French’s screen legends: Montgomery Clift— The Guardian

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