Jan 12, 2010

TV Tuesday: Bette Davis on This is Your Life

This is a gem. Here's Bette Davis in 1971 on This is Your Life. She seems a little embarrassed by the whole thing, but she's a good sport (though she eventually also seems bored). I especially love the obvious affection and respect between Davis and William Wyler. Other appearances: Olivia de Havilland, Paul Henreid.(The carpet on the stage was hideous! Ah set design in the seventies.) Here's part two and three:


  1. Dayum she looks awesome doesn't she? Sharp little a-line skirt with knife pleats, little black gloves and a slouchy turtle neck. The set design mitght have been hideous in the seventies, but the clothes could be just fine. I remember seeing her on talk shows in that era, not really knowing who she was but being entertained by her.

  2. Yes--I agree! I also loved her ensemble for the Cavett show. I think she was one of the best talk show guests of the seventies, because she knew how to tell a story and she had a sense of humor about herself. She also stayed so darn hip!