Jan 4, 2010

Monday Serenade: Barbara Stanwyck

How did they get away with the barely double entendre in Take It off the E-String? Not only is this obviously a scanty underwear-related ditty, but it's performed in a burlesque house in the appropriately named Lady of Burlesque (1944). Another mystery: why do I enjoy watching Barbara Stanwyck singing and dancing so much when she is plenty shaky when it comes to both skills? I wish she had filmed herself reading the phone book before she passed, because I have the feeling I would enjoy that as well.


  1. LOLZ, yes, I'd watch her read the phonebook for sure. I love this clip. I linked it to my blog a while ago too. It's just so fun.

    I added your blog to my blogroll, KC. Cheerio!

  2. Seriously--who doesn't love Missy? She's the best. Thanks for the props. I just discovered your blog--great stuff! I've added you to my roll as well.