Jan 15, 2010

Classic Links

I haven’t seen many Margaret O’Brien birthday tributes today, but this is a nice one— Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

Yay—a movie screenshot game!— Motion Picture Gems

A good tribute to Dennis Stock, photographer of many beloved celebrity shots, including the famous pic of James Dean walking down the middle of the street in his trenchcoat— The First Post

This is a nice blurb about Luise Rainer—including some information about her stage work— Playbill

I don’t recognize a lot of the women in this gallery of postcards, but these are all wonderful shots (the Anita Page pic is especially cute)— Film Noir Photos

A fascinating analysis/history of The Great Ziegfeld (1936)— Movie Magg


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  2. You can still play the new game even though you won last time. :)

  3. I know--I'm just totally intimidated! Those actress shots from the other game are hard.